Tuesday, December 6, 2016

David Wilcock - ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal

Source: Divine Cosmos

Published: December 6, 2016

By: David Wilcock

The Cabal is closer to exposure and defeat than ever before. The truth is blasting through the internet as a civilian-led investigation takes hold.

Does the Cabal have a final "Hail Mary Pass" to create a mass distraction and take the heat off? Could their final move actually be Disclosure?

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock - Law of One and the Secret Space Program - Technological Salvation

This episode of the series brought another opportunity to hear one of my favorite subjects discussed. This is the correlations between the Law of One and the various testimonies on the Secret Space Program from Corey Goode and numerous other whistleblowers.

DAPL Corporation Just Told The Army Corp They Will Do What They Want And Keep Building ILLEGAL Pipeline At Standing Rock - Links and Commentary

If the proverbial villain weren't persistent, the story wouldn't be worth reading. Nor would the end be as satisfying. We have already seen the people of the United States take the lead in ethical integrity far ahead of government in the situation at Standing Rock. We have witnessed our veterans stand up and defeat corporate corruption while State and Federal Officials sat back and did virtually nothing.

Veterans Apologize To Indigenous On Behalf Of U.S. Army At Standing Rock

Source: True Activist

Published: December 6, 2016

By: Amanda Froelich

Today, hundreds of veterans from across the United States took a knee and begged for forgiveness for crimes committed toward indigenous people in the name of the U.S. military.

A massive awakening is being realized, and it’s stemming from the Standing Rock protest camps located near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. Since April, “water protectors” have been protesting the development of a four-state Dakota Access Pipeline.

Monday, December 5, 2016

BREAKING - Water Protectors Claim Major Victory Over Army Corp of Engineers at Standing Rock - Links and Commentary

On December 4th, a story was published by multiple sources about a significant victory for the Water Protectors of Standing Rock, North Dakota.  According to these sources, President Obama and the Department of the Army refused to grant approval for the continuation of the pipeline project under Lake Oahe (a portion of the Missouri River).

Sunday, December 4, 2016

2,000 Veterans Just Arrived At Standing Rock To Form “Human Shield” Around Protesters

Source: Occupy Democracy

Published: December 1, 2016

By: Colin Taylor

Over two thousand veterans have begun arriving at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp in North Dakota, intending to form a “human shield” protecting the protesters from the violent militarized police force that is defending the desecrating construction company.

Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode and David Wilcock – Troubling Encounters – Rushed Meetings and Unanswered Questions

Considering the theme of the last episode of Cosmic Disclosure, this discussion seems to fit in the same category. This category is on subjects that may not be the most pleasant among other topics, but which offer value in a different way. This discussion leans toward topics which at times, might be seen as negative at first glance. However, there are multiple lessons within the disclosures of Corey Goode which may prove to be valuable for each one of us.